Great Weekend

The Running Club

Great Weekend

Hello All,

Just touching base with you all, to see how our weekends were? At ClubKingswood Get Lean 16 started a great new programme for their members. Check out Club Kingswood for more information.

I also had a great LONG Run, why was it so great you ask? Support is the answer. I had to run 18 miles on Sunday in training for the marathon, it is a long way to run and seems longer on your own. This is why having great support is so important, in anything that you do ?

I had 3 girls, two runners and a sister who came along, running 6 miles and 12 miles with, not that we talked that much, but having some company made all the difference. So at mile 9 when I had a moment, I had a gentle push and at 15 miles, with 3 miles to go, I had enough left to keep going.

So the moral of this story … SUPPORT

This could be a online support network like runningbug for you runners, The Running Bug, or something like Body Rock or it could be on facebook. It could be a local gym or club or it could be your favorite Personal Training (me) Body Solutions Personal Training. As well as groups and clubs, your friends and training buddy’s are equally, if not more important. My runners, and sis made this run work and the other Sunday, I ran 20 miles with Sarah another runner.

So find that face-to-face support, that online community and those training buds. Whether you are training for an event or losing weight or have that holiday or wedding coming up, support will get you through those difficult moments.