From Now Till Then

Baddow 10 Mile Race

From Now Till Then

I haven’t written anything since April when I completed my little mountain climb … that doesn’t mean that nothing has been happening, just that I haven’t taken the time to sit down and write it all!

And a lot has been happening, 3 Peaks training, Summer Series Running, goals made and achieved … and so much more. So to begin …

Back at the end of April I set a challenge, complete as many of the following races in 7 days as you could;

Wednesday 5K Cross Country Run, Friday 6 mile Trail Walk, Saturday 10k Cross Country Run, Sunday 10 mile (Hilly) Road Run and then finally the Tuesday 5k Cross Country Run.

That is alot of running, especially as some had Personal Training and Running Club in that time too – but it was amazing, everyone completed something, some everything, it was just great for them, my clients to see what they can actually achieve. That it is normally more that you can believe yourself.

Personally I had to see that I had turned things around since the beginning of year, that I could actually get my fitness back up there … and I did PB’s all round ? I was happy

Moment 1) Sharing those events and seeing people achieve … hard work pays off

On the 2nd July I will be taking part in the Newham 10k with my sister and a number of club runners, and clients, this race is less about time and more about taking part, being involved in something. Now don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean that times are not important, we are runners so it always is, yet this time it is about running into the London Stadium, the place where world class altheates have also competed. For me it is about sharing this moment with my sister, and my runners. We race alot but sometimes it is important to realise how much work goes into that and that its not easy

Moment 2) London Stadium with Sis x

On the 8th & 9th July myself and 10 friends & clients are taking part in the 24hr 3 Peaks Challenge. This is a challenge, especially as we have had to run as well as walk. While everyone is currently worrying about sleep, food,clothes etc I’m stressing about everyone get there, being happy, completing it, enjoying it!  For me the added layer of stress is the organising, while I have gone with a company to do the actual challenge in everyone elses eyes, this is ME sorting it!

As for my clients / friends / family … now it is all about completing it, they have done the training, they have brought all the bits, it is simply get through it ?

But don’t think that for a minute I am not proud, amazed that we are doing this, this is a personal challenge for everyone going

Moment 3) Sharing the 3 Peaks with amazing people

There have been more but the point of the story is that we are amazing individuals, we have the ability to be whatever we want, because we can make the choice to put in the hard work and make it happen. You just have to say YES