Testing… Petzl Night Run

Petzl Night Run

Testing… Petzl Night Run

The last time I wrote anything, it was about completing the 3 Peak National Challenge. I’m now set for my next Challenge …

I am currently reading Tough Girl – Sahara Challenge By Sarah Williams, check out her web page Tough Girl Challenges. It is a moment when the universe gave me a kick up the xxxx ? If there was a moment when I already knew what I wanted but didn’t know how … so I’m starting with the fact that May / June / July was amazing I’m just in post challenge blues, plus I want to see what I can achieve and I want to help others at the same time … that is why I do this!

Therefore this one is about getting ready for a personal challenge … the Petzl Trail Night Run Coed y Brenin forest park in North Wales, the Petzl Night Trail Wales is a race with a difference!. In rough terms it is a repeating 3-4 km (1.9 mile) route through snowdian country park, for 3 hours, the goal is to see our many loops you can complete.

I ran this last year as a ‘see how I get on’. I trained for a half marathon at the end of September, doing this a few weeks later. I worked on the basis that as long as I kept my miles up I would be fine. Now that was roughly true, I actually did better than I thought, but with that in mind, this year I want to train for the Petzl Run and see how I do.

Last year 3hrs 10 mins 34 sec, 15. 4 miles, 8 laps, my best time 20 mins 49 secs, slowest 26 mins 34 sec, I walked 6 out of 8 hills in those laps,

This year I would like 9 laps, or 16.5 miles if I can improve on my lap times this is just about achievable

The last 4 weeks has been about recovering and building endurance and some speed back up after the 3 Peaks, so with 8 weeks to go its all about prep …

Prep for the actually race, but I also have a few plans / ideas for next year, if I am to do those I need to know that I can put the training and time into this

Today is Monday 7th Aug – 5 mile speed road run and stretch

Tuesday 8th Aug – Spin, weights and 4 mile gentle trail run

Wednesday 9th Aug – 3.2 miles Trail Race

Thursday 10th Aug – 10 miles Trails, steady rate

Friday rest

Saturday – 6.2 miles Hadleigh 10k Race

Sunday rest

As well as upping my training I need to relook at my eating. I am quite good as a general rule, but with summer it has been a bit all over the place, and I need to get my mojo back! So I am better with a high lean protein, high (good) fat and low (bad) carb diet. I work better like that, my IBS is better, my energy levels are better, etc, etc. However, it is not easy, it takes a little more planning and organising. If there is not enough protein and fats in each meals I start getting hungry and looking for something ‘bad’ to fill the gap. So I start the week knowing that it will not be prefect but I have room for improvement, I just need to get organised. Next time I will go through this in more detail

If you would like more information about the race or any other challenges please message me at bodysolutions@live.co.uk

Chat soon Hx