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The Running Club


I am the Coach for Kingswood Running Club, a small local club for all abilities, whether you are just starting out or in to your second session of marathon training, we have something for you. As part of this I offer online support and training plans for all levels.

I also offer one-to-one running session to help you improve your fitness and your personal abilities.

Start your journey with me today.

Body Solutions
Body Solutions Packages


Body Solutions is the ‘umbrella’ of all my Nutritional and Exercise Programmes. Based on finding the right programme for you, whether that is Hormonal Balancing, Detoxification or Sports Nutrition. I then support this with the BEST exercise/training programme for you. These programmes are personally designed with you in mind. Whatever Package you choose there is something for you. with Body Solutions you WILL achieve your dreams.

Body Solutions
Nutritional Advice and Lifestyle Consultation


Learn more about how your personality and traits affect your ability to lose weight and keep it off, with Julie-Anne.

Body Solutions
Online Programmes / MYPTHUB APP


If you are reading this and liking it, but sitting there thinking I don’t live nearby! Stop! This is the programme for you, all done via your computer and phone. You can download our MyPtHub App for all your online, on the go fitness needs. Again you pick the package that you want and I do all the supporting.

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Body Solutions
Body Solutions GROW Coaching


GROW Coaching is all about training your mind into helping you achieve those goals. It is about understanding why you want to do something but sometimes you can’t or why you have not succeeded in the past. Through a series of exercises we will look at where you have been, where you are now and how to get you where you want to be.

Body Solutions
Bounce back


Bounce back is the Rehabilitation aspect of my work, run through Club Kingswood, we offer excellent services for those individuals that need extra help and support.

We have an on site Physio, Cardiac Specialists, Low Back Professional and a Nutiritionist plus GP Referral trained instructors.

If you are interested in finding out more, please use the button below and it will take you directly to our rehabilitation page.



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