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Heather Samson

Heather Samson – Personal Trainer

I am passionate about helping you to achieve your goals, but more importantly I want you to achieve and value our time together. I have been a Fitness Instructor/Body Coach for over ten years year and I have never stopped learning. I want to give you the best so I have to be the best too.


I love my running, nutriton and Yoga, I help run Kingswood running club. I am lucky to live near trails so within 10 minutes I am running through the field and woods of the local parks.


I also believe that you are what you eat, but also if you tell someone they can not have something, that is all you want.

Julie Body Solutions

Julie-Anne Brooks – Advance Weightloss & Lifestyle Advisor

As a young person and teenager I struggled with my weight and my knowledge of food. After trying numerous diets I realised that being Healthy was a lifestyle not a short-term solution. These experiences sparked an interest in Nutrition, Food and Health. I went and studied Natural Nutrition in London. I wanted to learn how what we eat has a direct impact upon our lives and wellbeing. I used these skills on a 1-2-1 basis.

Then after becoming a mum, I really wanted to bring my children up on good, healthy food, to help them thrive and give them the best start in life I could, hopefully teaching them and guiding them to make the right food choices as they grow-up.

I wanted to be back to my pre-pregnancy figure!


With the growing numbers of people over weight and so many friends/family, I felt I wanted to train and gain knowledge about weight-loss and how to achieve this effectively, NOT fad diets, but healthy nutrition for life. I personally realise that exercise is also very important. I train 3 times per week at a local gym and I belong to a local running club, where I take part in local running events.

My Goal is to improve people’s health and happiness.