Well we Did it

brentwood half marathon

Well we Did it

On Sunday 19th March 2017 8 of us runners and clients completed the Brentwood Half Marathon, so some of us it was one of many times, some the first, there was one of us doing it as part of their London Marathon Training. But all of that does not matter, its is the personal experiences and journeys that we all took.

I have told you all about my knee and my unfocused start to the year (this has improved greatly) so I started the race with the hope of under 2hrs, I ran hard, I ran hoping all the way round that I could do it. I am glad to say that I did, but I changed my goal half way round and achieved a better time than I thought. Yet I am unsatisfied with my results …

One client, she has completed this race once before, stating NEVER again and here we were again, ‘I just want to improve my time,’ ‘I don’t want to do it, ‘ ‘I can’t do it,’ She is one of my clients with so much give, so much ability, but not so much self belief. Half way round she changed her goal  (this is not a good idea). Don’t change the goal, run the plan, if you do better that is a bonus.

She knocked 4 mins off her time amazing, NOT happy, I wanted more – 4 MINS OFF – I’m over the moon, months of training (I could sometimes scream). She did realise how well see had done, and signed up for a 10 miler that evening, to keep going ?

Another client knocked 4 mins off last time and was not happy because of a 0.02 sec!!!! We are now putting our ghost to rest at the Maldon Half in September

Then we have the two newbies, never done this, not really being running for a year yet, so this is an amazing achievement, just completing it … (1) over the moon great first time, enjoyed, whats next … (2) should have been better, wanted more, I feel empty and lost now

They got the same time – different experiences, neither right, neither wrong. Both racing again April and doing (hopefully) the 10 miler in May

Why tell you all this … firstly I am proud of them all, its NOT easy, secondly sometimes achieving the goal is not the emotion you thought it would be, but the journey is amazing. One person experience is not the same as yours, that does not make you or them wrong or right just an individual, finally SHARE, share it all because there will be someone else out feeling the same, there will be someone that you inspire to achieve