Trust thy Self

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Trust thy Self

I am sittig here icing a swollen knee, telling you to trust and love your self. In my last blog we discussed ‘being honest with ourselves,’ in this one I want to talk about the importance of trusting that little voice in your head.

My knee is swollen because I wore the wrong trainers on a road run, then two days  completed a 10 mile trail run, these two things together caused my knee to shout ‘STOP’. There was no sharp or sudden pain, it was a slow process. This tells me that I probably hadn’t torn anything and that the swelling was just my legs way of stopping me doing anything else.

Now I am no Physio but I know the body and I am a professional, so ice and rest. Yet the voice in my head said keep moving it, don’t let it can ‘stuck’ in position. Now there are people in my life that think I don’t take care of myself that I am ‘silly’ with my health. I am NOT I take it very seriously I just trust myself.

So to check myself I booked a physio session at work, went through eveything, told them my theory and views and he confirmed what I believed was right and that he was 99% sure  it wasn’t that bad. So advice, ice, movement, gentle stretching, keep an eye. He also suggested that if I was concerned I could get a xray. As for running – TRUST THY SELF. If it feels better by Tuesday do a short run, gentle, if its still sore don’t – the half marathon in two weeks, the distance might be a push, be HONEST and TRUST yourself.

I have lots of events coming up that I want to give 100% to, events that I want to do ‘me’ at, so if missing the half means that I can do more then I will, but if I can do it I will.

If you doubt your ability to decide or your ability to do the right thing, find those people you trust and talk to them. Then close your eyes and listen to that voice.

If there are people in your life that cause doubt, that do not trust you to be true, then don’t ask them.

Look at the big picture, don’t be small

But most importantly trust yourself and be honest to yourself

I will run, I will do anything to ensure that I keep running, even if that means taking a healing break, or if that means gently  rebuilding I will, but I promise you this I WILL do more over the top, silly runs, I will breath the air and hear the pounding of my feet again.

To my clients this is what I do for you, guide you, encourage you and watch you become amazing ?