This time WE did it

Rat Race

This time WE did it

And what do I mean? I mean the Rat Race a ‘Dirty Weekend’ 20 miles and 200 obstacles, 9 of us completed it once and Ben Johnson completed TWICE, completely mad.

This brings me to the end of this little adventure … and I have LOVED it and I have learnt even more about myself. Everytime I push myself or try something new I learnt that little bit more about me and those around me.

I am stronger than I thought, in mind and body, up to about 18 miles I love running after that not so much, I have some amazing clients and friends and the most supportive family.

But more than anything it is great to use what I have learnt with my clients, to understand that moment when you think you can’t do anymore, but somewhere inside of you, you CAN. That training is important and so is nutrition, and nutrition needs to support the goal, you can not train for a HARD event on 1000 kcals! You can however still lose weight… Sports Nutrition

So what is next …? Firstly a 6 week clean and hard training and eating programme to increase muscle and speed for running. Keep an eye out for updates on this progress to see if I achieve ?

Concentrate on my 5k and 10k runs over the summer 10K Summer Series Runs, we are doing another obstacles race in September Rough Runner, Clapham London and are thinking about August Dirty Dozen too.

Don’t forget that if you have any questions about nutrition or running, please email …