That Monday Feeling …

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That Monday Feeling …

Its Monday morning already and looking outside it is still raining! I am sure that I am not alone with having enough of the rain, trying to plan this week running session and training session are becoming a pain. More and more of our runs have been shortened or moved to the treadmills, not because of the rain as such but because of the flooding! So fingers crossed it gets better soon.

Therefore this week I will be doing a few extra HIIT session extending them to 45 mins, plus extra strengthening yoga sessions to keep those muscles happy.

This week is also the start of photo’s and video’s for the updated sites

So today – 45 min HIIT, 60 min Latin

Tuesday – 30 min spin, 45 min weights, 60 min run

Wednesday – 30 min yoga

Thursday – 60 min run , 30 HIIT, 30 min yoga

Friday – 30 min yoga

Saturday 40 min run

Sunday – Rest

What is everyone else doing this week? We will be good and start on track? Don’t forget to share you stories.

? xx