Thank you

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Thank you

Thand You All

Blog is a thank you and a lesson realised. A thank you to all those that sent thoughts and help for my poorly knee and a realisation of what is important.

I am VERY lucky that I have great people in my life and that includes my physio who went far beyond duty to ensure that I way correctly healed. I also listen to all advice and spent my weekend ice, gentle moving and rest. As a result I was able to compete a 3.5 mile run on Tuesday and a 7 mile run on Thursday. Now don’t get me wrong it was not fast, I had no push or power but the actually distance caused no problem.

So now for the half marathon. Up until this I was annoyed. Annoyed that my training had not been 100%, I realised that I was never going to  get the time I wanted. Now with the knee issue I am just grateful that I will be able to do, I will still try hard, I will still give it 100% but I am grateful.

Moving forward I will cut my training back to basics and rebuild it so that the rest of my races are good, but more importantly that I am injury free.

Lessons  for my clients, follow the training plan, do the Strength and stretch exercises, listen to your body and trust me. I will always do my best and if you tell that something is not right I will listen.

So here is to the Brentwood half it may not be a pb but I will be with my runners and clients completing it.

Thanks Heather x