So Far So good

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So Far So good

Hello All

Another week has started and what a good start, at the weekend we did a 10 mile race and EVERYONE did better than last year, and that puts a smile on everyone’s face.

Secondly I have had some great feedback from clients, new dress sizes, inches lost and stamina increased. When you are training someone and they look like they want to kill you if you make them do one more squat! It is nice to see that same person smiling back, sending a text because they managed to fit into that party dress or trousers.

As for me, sometimes people think that as a Personal Trainer, staying in shape comes easy, but it does not I have to work hard and me good. And I had a Wedding to get ready for see dress and see what you think xDressed to Impress

This is why it is important to have goals, my goal was to look good for the wedding, i.e. fit into the dress and secondly complete the 10 mile race in a better time than last year – completed

Goals …

What are your goals …?