Sharing Understanding …

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Sharing Understanding …

So it was the final event the Half Moon Walk,WalktheWalk with my client, her goal, her desire. The event is well managed and organised, and well attended. Everyone getting into the party mood … but I don’t want to talk about the walk itself, I want to talk about GOALS and WHY we have them.

A few months back I suggested to my client that she needed a goal that wasn’t about weightloss, something that was important to her and would drive her, she chose the Moonwalk, plan given and off we go … well kind of

The course behind the MoonWalk, Cancer, is important to her, yet the ‘walking’ maybe not so much, she struggled to fit in all the training, she was going through changes at work and this was affecting her motivation.

So as the day came forth, nerves were forming and the thought of doing the actual walk become scary!! Partly because of the challenge itself, partly because ‘maybe’ more training should have taken place.

So we set off into the great unknown … it is here that I must state how proud I am of my client for doing the walk … for pushing past pain … an doing something for charity

What I want people to understand is, understanding their personal drive, deep down, not what people think you should say or do, but deep down.

A driving goal should fill you with excitement, it should make you fearful, it should be something more than normal, the goal might be to drop a dress size, but the drive behind that goal might be to walk into your friends wedding, head held high and know that people are looking at you for all the RIGHT reasons, or that dress size might mean the difference between pulling yourself over an obstacle or three people pushing you over the obstacle!!!

So when you sit there and set your goals, ask yourself the drive behind it and if it doesn’t excite you, look again and again until it does …

Till next time