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Running, Training, Clients

Hello All, it has been a while since my last post, the main reason for this is time! I am always saying to my clients ‘make time for those things you want to do,’ and I am just as bad as them! So no excuse.

The picture above is myself and Sandra running the Bewl Half Marathon, in Kent the other weekend. Having completed the Brentwood half in March I knew I could do it, but I was NOT prepared for how hard the second half would be. Mile 6, 8 and 12 all had hills and I will admit to taking a couple of strides to keep my legs working. But all said and done we both completed it, and did good times ? But what did I learn? I learnt I need more hill practice and mile practice, my time was there as long as I kept it there, all was good. I just needed to keep working at it.

Therefore, I am doing my best to fit my training in and not move it around to fit in more work!

8.5 mile trail run completed

HIIT Sessions underway

So all good, it just remembered that I sometimes need to take my own advice

I not only train my clients but some are part of my running club so it is important that they see me ‘doing’ as well as ‘saying’.

Going Forward …

8th June Southend Half

21st June Snowdonia Half

16th August Dirty Dozen

November Brentwood Cross Country Half Marathon

Keep reading to see how we are doing.