Last Chance

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Last Chance

Hi All, hope we are all doing well, I am just dropping by to ensure that you don’t miss out on the extended Special Offer for the Ultimate Weight Loss Programme. After requests that the 7 Day offer be extended I have put in place the 5 Day Offer, but don’t delay I have limited spaces. This offer runs out on the 31st January x


If you are interested please message me or email me asap.

I would also love to hear peoples stories, how your New Year has started and how you are staying motivated, or are you struggling to stay motivated and would love some help. I have so many lovely clients and I will be sharing their stories over the coming weeks.

As for me I am recovering from a cold and pulled hip flexor (mud and running don’t always mix) so after a lot of Yoga and stretching I am going out for a gentle 6 miler tonight, wish me luck.

Chat soon