Keep it Going

Running Brunch

Keep it Going

Hello All, hope you are all good. Today is inspired from my ‘brunch run’ at the weekend with the running club.

Firstly one of my new runners, a dark horse I feel, surprised us all and even maybe herself at how well she did, completing the full 7.5 miles with all of us. It was only a few weeks ago that she was in one of the back groups. Then I over heard the same runner and one of my regulars talking about runs that they were booking, planning their ‘month’ runs. I thought I was the only one that was that mad, the next thing is I’m sending copies of my excel spreadsheet with all my runs, training sessions, ‘highlighted’ in different colours and it is being copied. I really have turned these individuals ? By the way I LOVE this

The reason for this? They want to keep going, it is that ‘fear’ maybe or drive that they want to keep going. I am completely with this. Each month I plan a race, 5k, 10k, half marathon, then every few months I have an ‘event’ this is just a race that acts as bench mark on how I am doing. Why? Because I work better like this, and now it seems so does my runners / clients!

Why it works for me … I need focus, training for training has long stopped being a driving force. I watch what I eat because I want the right fuel so I can run, I know what foods work and those that do not, I know what it feels like to be good and feel good. I personally need structure, not too much, not so I feel strangled, but enough that it feels natural and ‘me’.

I can now see this working within the running club and with my clients, and I am looking at ways that I can continue to help them achieve this.

Why is this important? Because in another conversation with someone, they were looking for that something to keep them motivated. The classes were at the wrong time, they didn’t like the options, etc, etc they have no focus, the desire for weightloss, being healthy, fitness alone is not enough for them.

I can’t give you your drive, your desire, or your focus. I can give you the tools, the support, even the hug when needed, but some of it is down to YOU.  When you find it, when you have that desire that drive it is amazing … so DON’T give up, KEEP looking, YOU will find it.