Just goes to Show

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Just goes to Show

Hello All

It is Monday morning and my legs are a little sore after yesterdays Half Marathon. While it is my job to train people and get them to their goals, there is always something lovely about seeing it work, both for them and for myself.

The other week I spoke about Amanda a client who has done really well, however on Friday night seeing her all dressed up and look lovely, hearing everyone saying how well she looks, and then seeing her smiling face, it was all worth it, for both of us.

The Sunday was the half marathon for myself and a few of my clients, we have been working towards this event and I admit to being nervous Sunday morning, wondering if everything would come together.

I had set myself a personal goal of completing 5 running events over the next 6 months and this was the first one. So I have leaned down, changed my training, carb loaded, etc, etc and here I was. Would my training work and would the training I have given my clients work? And the answer was YES!!! I wouldn’t’ say it was easy but it all worked, I was fueled, I felt good and recovered well. So I am now positive for the coming events and so PROUD of all my clients.

So when your trainer says do this or eat this, listen to them, we know our stuff! We have spent the time learning and we even practice what we preach ? We also get nervous and have doubts. But at the end we are all STRONG.

So the next event for me is the Bewl Water, Kent Half Marathon

What are you all going to be doing? and can I help?