It is sometimes difficult …

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It is sometimes difficult …

Many of my clients come to me looking for weight loss, toning, stamina, etc however when we get started it is clear that what they have come for is support and someone to keep them stay on track. I say this as a lot of the time they know what they should or should eat, they know they should exercise, however knowing something and doing something are two completely different things!

So, it is sometimes difficult do eat the right foods, making all those training sessions, so we all need to find ways of making it less difficult.

For example I use food diaries or  food apps to keep track of my food if my weight changes. While I think I am being good, see what I am eating and drinking in black and white makes all the difference. I also find that scheduling my exercise into my day / week is the best way of ensuring that I do it. Set a reminder so there is no excuse!

Having a goal also helps, being a running coach means that there is always some run to be training for, this however mean that my eating habits need to be nutritious, and my training has meaning i.e. an end goal. It also means that I tend to be training with people, either as part of the running club, my private clients, getting ready for that run or wedding.

So to recap, write it down, schedule it in and set a reminder, have a meaningful goal and have support, from a club, friends or even your local personal trainer ?

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