I did it :) The London Marathon

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I did it :) The London Marathon

Hello All

It is Monday 25th April 2016 and I can now say that I completed the London Marathon. It was a hard yet very enjoyable day, all the training coming together for this one event.

I fell over, I ache and I am bruised, yet 4hrs and 10 mins, and it was all over, if you are thinking about do this I would, it is a great day to share with friends and family, and it is a great achievement. My goal now is to get my sister to do it ?

The sheer number of people supporting and running, is not imaginable. I have been up to watch it before and even I had not realised the size of it.

My advice;

Train and train hard, eat well and clean, have an amazing support network throughout, it makes sure a difference, ENJOY the day. It is NOT a race, it is a RUNNING EVENT. Go and enjoy yourself.

day 1 Family on Route, got to love them …


Getting Ready to run …

So you may ask what now … the answer is the Rat Race. 7th May. So I have to recover and be race ready, NO problem she says. I will keep you posted to see how it all goes.

Talk to you all soon