HIIT and Sweat

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HIIT and Sweat

Good afternoon all

Thought I would update all with HIIT session, diet and other important news.

This weekend I out together this months hiit programmes for my clients, and as normal to ensure that all is fair I did them before, to ensure that they worked! See pictures to prove it. ImageImage

I am also on my 3rd mini session for Body Solutions newsletter, that I am sure everyone is trying out! I will be sharing these on facebook over the coming weeks too.

As well as the exercise, I am currently working with a healthy baker to see if I can start selling my morning banana muffins, along with a few more bits, this is really exciting I can’t wait!.

The most exciting is the re-introduction of Buddy Training, this is simply training with a friends or friends (max 5), with similar goals, at a reduced fee (as there are more of you)!! You can motivate each other in the session but are also there outside the session to help with that motivation. If it is something that you think you would be interested in please email me at bodysolutions@live.co.uk.

Buddy Training can also be used for my online programmes, as long as you all register together, so a little online party.



So short and sweet today,

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Thanks All