Everything is Coming so Fast …

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Everything is Coming so Fast …

Happy Monday Morning All

With the weekend over I am starting the final prep for this weekends Half Marathon, with some of my runners. Even with the best plans and support, things can still go wrong and we can still stress that we will not be able to achieve!

I often feel like this, as a Personal Trainer / Body Coach my clients assume that I will ‘breeze’ an event, or ‘of course you can do that!’ They seem to forget that I am human too ? However, when I am trying to convince them that they will achieve, that they can, that they will, it is not so easy. All the negative thoughts come up, or the failures (in their eyes) of the past, etc. With this all in mind how do we convince ourselves that we can achieve without become over confident?

Planning is one way, know your desired outcome, in this case the half marathon, work the plan, get help and support. Believe that you can do it … therefore your goal MUST be realistic and achievable. Also realise that  at times things do happen that mean you need to take a different path / steps to achieve the goals. And that is all ok, a missed session can be made up else where, a night out does not knock you off your diet completely.

goals 1

The goal is important, the steps that you take are important, the support that you have is important, but also you have to have self belief … your mindset must be positive

Write down all the why you CAN’T achieve your goals, all your fears , etc, get them down on paper

Now write down all the reason you CAN achieve your goals, all the positive reasons for achieving

Now reread the CAN’Ts know that they no longer exists and it in the bin

Pin the CAN sheet somewhere you can see it everyday, take a picture and save to your phone, anytime you you self doubt look at this and remember why YOU CAN achieve

Don’t forget to let me know  how you get on with these methods


Thanks All


Your Personal Body Coach

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