Everyone Can …

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Everyone Can …

It is a very wet Wednesday afternoon, and I am taking time out to tell everyone you can … While out on our club run last night, one of my runners, was talking himself out of doing his first half marathon. For every reason that he gave for not doing it, myself and the fellow runners gave him a reason for doing it. Whatever your goal is, there is a part of you saying you can’t, you won’t, give up now. Don’t listen to this part of you, it is that part of you that is sacred. Sacred of failing but also succeeding.

If I can do that run, what next?

If you do loss that weight, what is your excuse for not going out, for not do that something you have been putting off?

It is important to look at the positive reasons for doing something.

In my runners case, he will do it, because, no matter the time, he will finish it, he has only been running for 18 months so it is an achievement and finally we all said that no matter what we will do this together, thats how we started and that is how we will finish.

So for the lesson here was, everyone can … and everyone can because of themselves and those that support them.

Please remember this

Heather x