Enjoying the New Year

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Enjoying the New Year

Hi All

So some of you were lucky enough to take advantage of the 7 day special, you are know on your way to achieving your dreams. If you missed out don’t worry you can always join up at the normal rate. Achieve your dreams today!!

With the year moving on everyone is doing really well, one of the things I love about my job is seeing other people achieving.

I have one client who loses at 2lb per week strong and steady, I love this because each week we see the changes and we all know that slow off, slow back on ? And she is doing the online diet plan ?

Another client lost 7lb in the first week, mainly from cutting poor white bread, and high sugar foods from her diet, and of course enjoying a few sessions a week in the gym with me.

As for my runners, everyone is coming along. We have a few hill sessions under our belts, and mixed hills and speed work into saturdays run. I can’t wait to see everyone completing those first few events.

Then finally there is me, other than the slight cold that is still here!! I am getting there, so far today I have completed a 30 min spin class, this evening I have a weights sessions and then a 6 mile run – lovely

So if you would like to join the party there are many ways, facebook – bodysolutions, email me at bodysolutions@live.co.uk, sign up for our newsletters