Being Honest with yourself

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Being Honest with yourself

It is sometimes hard to be honest with the one person that we really need to do that with – YOU … if you convince yourself that you are eating well, or training hard and still not seeing results – your motivation will run out.

The same can be true for what is important, why and how. I’m a runner, I love running, I am never going to be fast fast, but I can hold my own, I love the trails it is just too beautiful, no matter the weather. At the end of last year beginning of this year I was setting my goals, one of mine was the realisation that to take my running to the next level I had to up my training. I got the plan, I check it, I programmed this into my calendar and off I went.

Well it all started so well, then my knee started to hurt, my calf was tight, I was rushing to fit it all in, I sometime had to miss strength and yoga training to fit in this new programme … the result I STOPPED enjoying the running, the actual thing that I loved I didn’t want to do. I loved the trail running, just going for a run and enjoy it. So I stopped the NEW programme. At this point I was not sure if it was a ‘forever’ stop or ‘or now stop,’ but I need realise that I needed to relook at everything.

Without boring you all the following was realised;

  1. I had spent the last two years doing events, amazing runs and pushing myself hard, I didn’t have anything like that this year so my running was to run and enjoy it
  2. I wanted to concentrate on my flexibility and strength, i.e my yoga I realised that it was other training as well that would improve the quality of my running
  3. I want to run trails and hills, I want to be outside enjoying the countryside, I need those runs to motivate me

I hadn’t done anything wrong, the plan wasn’t bad, it wasn’t that I couldn’t do it, it was just the wrong plan for ME

So I have revised the plan, decided which runs and events are important and why, I am still missing a few events I just need to find them, but I will for now I am running, do strength and yoga workouts and I am HAPPY

The message? Be honest with yourself and your goal, your plan and your life, it you are not happy or getting what you want talk to someone and get the one you do want ?

Heather X