Being Honest with Ourselves

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Being Honest with Ourselves

Being honest should come as second nature to us all. We all aim to be as honest as we can at all times, this is just want that we were bought up ? However are we honest with ourselves?

The answer to this is NO, I know this because my clients are not honest with themselves, I can see this as they are trying to justify that drink or extra biscuit at the weekend. I can see it when they say ‘no I have not eaten anything bad,’ then I ask how many ‘treats’ they had!!!

But it is not just this that we lie about, we also lie to ourselves about what we want and why. What makes us happy and what motivates us to achieve.

For example, for the last few years I have completed ‘silly’ long runs, or difficult events (for me), really just for me to see if I could. I completed them for charity yet they were about me. Then this year I decided that I would not, that I would enjoy just running with the club, that I would do ‘different’ things. This was in part because I couldn’t find anything to do, in part because I ‘felt’ this was encouraged from people in my life. If I was honest with myself the idea of taking it easy, enjoy easier training, was horrible. Yet I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I had tried increasing the volume of training to increase speed, but that hadn’t worked I couldn’t it more in. However, there are events that I can training for that I would enjoy.

However, for my clients this is also true. We have to be honest with ourselves as to why a goal is important, or is NOT. To be honest as to why the weight is not going in the right direction, why training sessions are missed. Why are you doing this?

The next time you are setting goals, or wondering why things are not working, try the following …

Ask yourself why are you doing this?

Is it for you or someone else

Is your goal a DRIVER?

Are you being honest about the importance of the goal

Could you look at yourselfin the mirror and convince yourself that you are honest?

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