Be:Fit and Back on Track

Heather Samson Body Solutions

Be:Fit and Back on Track

Hello All

So I fully recovered and back on track for my next half Marathon on the 18th May at Bewl Waters Kent. I have even kicked myself back into eating right (almost). But my goals are there, the schedule is printed and up, so there is no excuse ? Or so we would all like to believe. On Saturday I went to the Be:Fit Health and Fitness expo with a very good friend, Hannah. I apart from all the normal bits and pieces, like nutrition and exercise, there were the speakers.


One of these speakers was Denise Lewis, she talked about goals, how important they are, why they need to be clear and REALLY. She also talked about how women have to prioritise your wants, needs and goals and how hard that can be. I have written more on this in this weeks newsletter, so don’t miss out.

Having said all that it has made me sit down and re-write my overall goals and the smaller individual goals. For example I have a goal to complete 5 different events this year for the British Heart Foundation, however of those 5 the Snowdain Half Marathon and the Dirty Run are the two that I really want to do well on ? I have my business, Body Solutions and that has many goals, and so on. It is important to understand where all those goals come, because we can not achieve everything to 100% all at the same time. We can achieve everything to 100% if we give ourselves time and respect to do so ?

So I will leave you with that thought, what are your goals and where are they on your scale?


Heather xx