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Barre Fusion

Doing something different can sometime remind you to do that which we should …

Over two years ago now I completed my FreeStyle Fitness Yoga course, GX Freestyle Fitness Yoga and loved it. The training was great the concept was great, plus helped by the fact that I love yoga. So I started including it with PT clients and even ended up with Yoga only clients, with a couple of small group session too … things change though and over a few month Running my other passion got in the way, clients moved on, etc, etc

So we come to the end of 2105 and apart from a couple clients and myself, I am not really doing Yoga as much as I should, and I know it. I ache my miles are starting to increase as I train for the Marathons and Rat Race. Yet this little brain was not working.Why am I aching more, why is this so much harder?

Then  February 2016 I enroll on a one-day Barre Fusion course, a mixture of Ballet and Yoga. To say it was great is an understatement, I enjoyed it loads, and it reminded  me why this type of core / strength training is so important. Now don’t get me wrong I ached, lots 6 hours of work who wouldn’t?

Yet over the next week I practiced mixing it into my classes, my training and my clients training, and oh look I don’t ache as much ?

Do I already know the importance of this type of training? Of course I do, but it is so easy to get wrapped up in form of training that we forget its all about balance. Running is my passion, yet to continue doing it I have to look after my little body, as my dad says “its the only one I’ve got.”

What can we all learn from this? 1) Listen to your body 2) balance, balance, balance 3) look after yourself

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