And it all Starts

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And it all Starts

We are well into February and I am busy, which is lovely, but there are times my little head hurts.

Sunday 1st Feb saw the Kingswood runners complete the London Winter 10K, all in good sprits and good times, but there was no rest we are now getting ready for the Brentwood Half on the 22nd March. I have stressed runners and all sorts, ‘we can’t do this’, ‘its too hard,’ etc etc. I always smile because 9 out of 10 times they are fine, they completed the runs last year and this year will be the same. However I am there to help out, give encouragement and keep them going.

This saw us run a very good 5.8 miles on Tuesday night and I completed 7.2 miles Wednesday morning, the aim is to complete 8.2 miles on Saturday again, this will hopefully keep 99% of them happy!

In addition to these runs I have completed Latin Dance, two yoga classes, a legs workout and a upper body work (and its only Wednesday). I just have to complete Fridays HIIT Session,  Saturdays run and Sundays charity Walk!

Apart from my wonderful runners I also have Body Solutions clients, I am very lucky that most of my clients are great, we work hard but have a laugh as well. This week saw one of my ladies finish, as she is off to pastures new, this has left a couple of spaces and before I get use to them I am sending out ‘fill these spaces’ via facebook and email to encourage those newbies to join the fun. Its weird because I feel bad giving her appointment time away, even though she can not do it anymore. The other side of this is that I am looking forward to a new client and a new challenge. It is always fun learning about a new client, putting plans together, seeing those first few changes. It is great for both parties.

So for the next few days, I will put together tomorrow nights Yoga class at Personal Training UK, update newsletters and promotions. Read through all the books sitting by my bed that I keep buying but don’t read!!

As for now I am going to sign off, but if you would like anymore information on my programmes or what I get up to please let me know.

Heather @ Body Solutions