Ahhh 10 days to go

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Ahhh 10 days to go

I cant believe that time has gone so quickly, it only seems like a few days ago I was discussing the possibility of completing 3 events in 3 weeks and now I am 10 days away from the first.

So, to remind you 24th April is the London Marathon, 2nd May Milton Keynes Marathon and the 7th May is the Rat Race. My training is tapering and my nutrition is soooo good, just had the most amazing beef salad.

However my nervous are well and truly kicking in now. As a personal coach I know every line, every theory, yet all I can think about is, ‘have a done enough?’ ‘will I get through all this?’ All very silly as I know I can put as we all know the mind is a large part of anything that we do.

The way that you ‘talk yourself out’ of that training sessions, ‘talk yourself into’ eating that chocolate bar. It is very hard to control that bit. I am lucky because I have great support, from family, friends and clients … I’m just nervous

So I am enjoying running less miles as I taper down, I’m enjoying the thought of a ‘treat’ meal after the London Marathon and the Rat Race, I am going to do this … what will you achieve, what are you capable of doing … when you talk yourself into something??