7 Weeks and Counting

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7 Weeks and Counting

Hello All, it has been way too long since I last posted but I am back, and ready to start sharing ?

As the above states it is 7 weeks and counting … counting to what I hear you ask? That is simply, 7 weeks till the London Marathon, then 7 days till the Milton Keynes Marathon and 5 days till the Rat Race (see link) Rat Race, Dirty Weekend 2016

I have completed my first 20 miler Sarah (Running Club) and I ran from ClubKingswood ClubKingswood to Southend East Station, which for people that are not local involved the A127, a very big roundabout, a few hills and Southend Seafront.

Most of my training has been local, across the trails, building my mileage and stamina up over time.

I am not completing this all just because I am mad I am doing it for Charity, The Outward Bound Trust this charity helps children in so many way, but most importantly it gets them OUTSIDE. I find that having this to focus on when I am training really helps. Means that those moments ‘ahhhh no I can’t do this’ I can turn it around and keep going.

While I have been doing all this training I have also been helping to organise Burnham Rotary’s first 10K Running Event, in aid of local charities. It has been really great to be involved from the other side, to explain to a brunch of people that do not run what is important to runners ? Burnham Rotary’s 10K Run. To be involved in routes, advertising, something that I do not normally do … I am really looking forward to running this on Sunday 29th May

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing my training and hopefully sharing tips on training for events, nutritional information and showing you my NEW class Barre Fusion which is a Fusion of Ballet and Yoga, so please keep any eye out.

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