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7 Day Special

Hello All

How are we all doing? As I spoke about in my last blog getting back into things can be very difficult. Even for us instructors, I was doing very well losing those few pounds gain over the Christmas and New year period, however the weekend just gone saw it take a slight downhill turn.

Planning my week I knew that I was out for dinner on Friday so this would be my treat meal, then the cinema was added, so I thought I will just be good there, well my friends brought popcorn and I did help them eat it, and then I had a lovely meal but it was more than a ‘treat meal.’ So Saturday morning I thought, never mind I’ll work hard and be good today. I did my run and weights and then my loving partner took me out for lunch, and while I was a s good as possible it was not the best!

Least to say I regained a few pounds over the weekend. But I am already on the path to re-losing them, eating good and pushing up that training has helped and I am sure that by mid-week I will be back on target.

So you can see that even ‘we’ fitness people have off days.

With all of this in mind I have a great offer for all, a 7 Day Special Offer on my Online WeightLoss Programme.

If you would like more information please email me at bodysolutions@live.co.uk

Thanks All

Heather x