5 days to go…

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5 days to go…

Hello All

Having completed the London Marathon London Marathon 2017 and got over NOT doing the MK Marathon, everything is about the, Rat Race 2016 taking place on the 7th May

ut before we get there I want to have a ‘quick’ chat re goals … Last week I had a number of conversations about goals and what we actually want to achieve, and it got me to thinking about how we personally see our goals.

As a Fitness Profession we Goals SMART i.e. Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Realistic and Timed, but what happens when the goal agreed is NOT the driving force?

smart goals

Conversation 1) Client, think I need to relook at my goals, me, ok what do you want to do? Client, I don’t know but I think I should, me ok what do you want to do, achieve, what is in your head? Client … I want to achieve something that is a bit out there me, (in my head) great!!!

So we have a goal this persons first 10K end of May, and they are on target, running, HIIT and strength training, yet he feels that he can achieve more.

Agreement, lets get the 10K done and then see what they want to achieve, lets see if running does it for them or whether we need to look at something else … agreed

Conversation 2) Me, there is no change this week, client oh that’s disappointing, me, yes did you do the things that I asked last week, client, NO

This persons goal is weight loss …

In both these cases there is a desire to achieve a run or lose weight, but for different reasons this is not enough. My first clients needs more of a challenge, his fitness levels have increased and he needs something more, he just doesn’t know what, and that is great the journey of getting there is fun,

My second client, while she wants to lose weight, and she has done really well, its losing its drive, so we need to change it up, her task this weekend was to have a think so that we can change it

Goals are very personal, they have to drive you and excite you, there has to be passion and purpose.

My goal is to see what I can achieve, and to do that I have to be the best that I can, its not tangible, but I can measure it against my results, it is agreed and realistic plus I pick events throughout the  our the year to achieve, so its timed

Have a think, what is your goal, dream, desire???