My Programmes


Whether you want Personal Training at your home or at Club Kingswood, I have a programme that will work for you tailor made for you.

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Body Solutions
Personal Training – 4 or 8 Session Blocks


Personal Training sessions are based on 30 min 45 mins or 55 min sessions depending on your personal goals and desires, the programme can be HIIT based weights, weightloss or anything that you want, we write it together, this way it is YOUR programme.
Sessions start from as little as £80 for 4 x 30 mins.

Body Solutions
Nutritional Information


If you are also interested in Nutritional Advice as part of your programme, my Nutritionist Julie-Anne is on hand to help you.
Nutritional packages start from £60 for a Personalised Eating Plan, based on Marcos and Nutritional Values.

Body Solutions
The Lifestyle Package


Here we look at eating habits and exercise habits, putting a plan together that will help you achieve the lifestyle that you have always wanted.

Body Solutions
Detox & Cleansing packages


If you want to cleanse that body or give it a kick start, if you want the whole Detoxification Programme this is the one for you, 8 weeks of learning. If you just want to cleanse why not try one of my Cleanse Programmes, choose from either 48hrs to a 4 week package, all recipes supplied, shopping lists etc, everything that you might need.

Body Solutions
Freestyle Fitness Yoga


FreeStyle Fitness Yoga, a 8 week Fitness based Yoga Course with 45 min sessions per week, £200. This will not only increase your flexibility but also your strength and personal Power.

Body Solutions
Running Programme


Running Programmes start from £120 for a basic 6 week course, including all your plans and a once a week running session with myself.
(Please note this is NOT associated with Kingswood Running Club)