My Programmes


Whether you want Personal Training at your home, at my base club or via my Virtual Package I have a programme for you. I use Rest Based Interval training for those clients that want FAST EFFECT FAT BURNING and for those that feel this is too intense I offer Cardio/Resistance based exercises. I also understand that sometimes we just need ‘it’ NOW so I offer 48hr Cleansing packages/programmes

If all this running about is not you, I also offer Freestyle Fitness Yoga for those that want power and strength.

Body Solutions
The Ultimate Package


Is for people that want the WHOLE package, you want to change your LIFE for the BETTER. We offer a 8 Week Eating Plan, Exercise Programme & Freestyle Fitness Yoga Course. This is based on assessing which eating plan would suit you, Detoxification, Sports Specific or Hormonal. It is NOT one fits all!

Body Solutions
The Lifestyle Package


Here we look at eating habits and exercise habits, putting a plan together that will help you achieve the lifestyle that you have always wanted.

Body Solutions
Detox & Cleansing packages


If you want to cleanse that body or give it a kick start, if you want the whole Detoxification Programme this is the one for you, 8 weeks of learning. If you just want to cleanse why not try one of my Cleanse Programmes, choose from either 48hrs to a 4 week package, all recipes supplied, shopping lists etc, everything that you might need.

Body Solutions
Simple Exercise


This is for those that just want the Exercise Element, simpliy chose from 30 min sessions or 1hr session, tell me your goals and I set the workout.

Body Solutions
Freestyle Fitness Yoga


Whether its on your own or with a friend FFY is yoga with some Power, if you want to train and feel like a warrior this is for you.